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Hottest Must-Haves for Your New Home in Ashford Lakes Estates

Hottest Must-Haves for Your New Home in Ashford Lakes Estates

What is on your must-have list for building a new home? Is it an open-concept floor plan? Or
maybe it is a gourmet kitchen that fully embodies the phrase “The kitchen is the heart of the
home”? At the new home community of Ashford Lakes Estates, we ensure that every home
buyer receives unparalleled personalized service to ensure every item on their must-have list is
checked off. Wondering what are some common must-haves for new homes in Ashford Lakes
Estates? We have your answer.

First and foremost, home buyers are becoming increasingly more aware of the importance of
quality building materials. Block construction is a popular approach that is commonly used
throughout new homes in Volusia County. There are many advantages home buyers can benefit
from through this form of construction including better protection from termites, better sound
proofing, and better resistance against cracking and crumbling in extreme temperatures. And
don’t forget the main reason why block construction is so evident in new Florida communities –
its durability to withstand hurricanes.

Another coveted amenity on home buyers’ lists in Ashford Lakes Estates in Ormond Beach is a
gourmet kitchen. Quartz countertops are making a big splash this year and are replacing granite
as the people’s choice. Quartz is not only stain resistant but is also low-maintenance and does
not require sealing like granite and marble to maintain its original appearance. French door
refrigerators are also a common feature requested by home buyers. The design is not only
aesthetically pleasing, it is also extremely functional which is why it has gained such a huge fan
base in recent years. These refrigerators are specifically designed to be centered at chest height
so that you are eye level with most of the foods, shelves and crisper drawers. In addition to
functionality, french door refrigerators save energy by allowing you to open just one door
which enables you to keep half of the refrigerator compartment closed while you grab a snack.
This limits “cold air spill,” and as a result, your french door refrigerator will use less energy
maintaining its internal temperature.

Last but not least, home buyers in Ashford Lakes Estates are looking for a spacious, openconcept
floor plan. This open floor plan includes a sensible design that provides plenty of room
for entertaining, relaxing and storing personal items. And what’s a master bedroom without a
walk-in closet! Women and men alike seem to have an increasing desire for a large separate
room for dressing. Walk-in closets in addition to 3-car garages provide Ashford Lakes Estates
homeowners with ample storage space to store all of life’s worldly treasures.

We think these revered home buyer must-haves are here to stay – and we don’t mind at all. Can
you blame us!

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