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Say Goodbye to Spring Cleaning and Hello to a New Home

Say Goodbye to Spring Cleaning and Hello to a New Home

Although Mother Nature can’t seem to make up her mind on what time of year it is, despite the weather outside, it is definitely SPRING! With springtime comes the daunting task of spring-cleaning and as the years go by, many homeowners find it increasingly difficult to tidy up their humble abode that’s jam-packed with decades of accumulation. What if we told you that you could ditch that cleaning checklist for a cocktail? Why waste time cleaning when you can spend time relaxing inside a new home in Ashford Lakes Estates in Ormond Beach that was completely designed with you in mind!

The longer you live inside your home, the harder it is to keep things organized. More often than not, you never find what you are looking for. Planning a custom storage system in advance based on what you plan to store there is just one of the many perks to building a home from the ground up in the Ormond Beach community of Ashford Lakes Estates. If your current home has inadequate space to fit your pots and pans as well as groceries, you can make sure that when building your new home there is plenty of cabinet and walk-in pantry space. If your current bedroom closet is cluttered and overstuffed, additional closet space in your new Ashford Lakes Estates home needs to be a top priority. Having enough space so all your related items can remain together will help to ensure things reside in their proper place.

Along with a new home in Ashford Lakes Estates comes a fresh, clean pallet. Instead of spending money on costly renovations that can add up quickly, building new allows you complete control of everything from your home’s wall colors to its stainless-steel appliances and high-quality fixtures throughout. Commencing with a clean slate allows you to start off with the interior and exterior features you desire from the very beginning.

Functional floor plans are a big selling point when homeowners are buying new. The latest homes in Ashford Lakes Estates are built with convenience and sustainability in mind. Many floor plans even include master suites on the first floor so homeowners can age in place and maintain their quality of life. Mudrooms located directly off the garage often have a locker room design so kids can put their coats, shoes, backpacks, and other everyday items. This allows these items to remain in one spot instead of gradually finding their way elsewhere where they can’t be easily found. Creating a functional floor plan that enhances your lifestyle instead of residing in your current home that hinders it can keep your housework and your stress level to a minimum.

Building a new place to call home in Ashford Lakes Estates is not only rewarding but also brings about a more organized and efficient lifestyle that will remain for years to come.

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